Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Entry for January 24th 2011

Time : 9:55pm

Location : sitting on the corner of my bed

Weather : I still have a broken radiator, I sense a heat wave tonight.

This morning was full of promise. I was going to have a productive day!

I even started out with making a nice list of all the things I was going to do today. Sure, I was feeling rather optimistic and some what ambitious. This list was 21 items long. I completed eight items.

Why was I unable to complete not even half of my list? I blame technology.

First of all, ten of the 21 had to be done on my computer. They really were not large tasks, some as simple as sending an e-mail, others being more extensive, like research. I could have easily done them all, IF MY COMPUTER WORKED.

When the survey comes around and asks for the most used term of 2011, can we all say “IF MY COMPUTER WORKED”? Please? It would totally, absolutely, put our time in a nutshell. Or better yet, that little plastic case that I ordered online so I could protect that little key thing that doesn’t actually resemble a key at all, but you stick in your computer to store information, it’s about the size of a nut shell. Do you see my point?

I spent way too much time trying over and over again to restart my laptop. To log in. To get past the log in. To even have it load the log in. To try and get it to load the other start up with all the options. Have I ever wished I was still in Saskatoon with the dependable Computer Smart guys just a quick car ride away so much? No. I want my computer to be fixed!! I am so worried!

On to what I actually got done today. I did go for a jog. Felt okay, nothing hurt too bad. I’m going for a bit of a longer jog tomorrow. Still no running. And I haven’t found the bike yet, seeing as I wrote that entry like, ten minutes ago and haven’t moved. I took my short (emphasis on short) shower (it will be relevant later) and got myself ready for the day. I wrote two letters, only to find out that one of the people I do not have an address for… You will not be getting your letter until I contact you via Facebook. Just so you know (you don’t even read the blog, what am I doing here…?). I managed to update my Notebook. Which is not my laptop. It is an actual notebook that is a better documentation of my life here than my actual journal is. I blame the blog (which of course is the best documentation by far). I managed to do the whole page of subjunctive verbs we had for homework, phew. And I made it to the pharmacy to get some ibuprofen for Marie-Anne’s nasty cold. I did not know ibuprofen helps colds. You learn something everyday.

Plus I went for a walk. It was actually the first attempt of getting the ibuprofen, but I got to the pharmacy at 14h15 and it does not reopen until 14h30. So I took the long way home (Supertramp anyone?).

We got to theatre class alright. Getting home I accidentally missed both the exits and ended up taking 45 minutes to get home. I was so not impressed. I have no idea how I did that.

Lou and I had a mini snow ball fight before we got back into the house for the evening. When I say ‘snowball fight’, I mean ‘scratch what ever snow/ice is still left on the side walk and throw it at each other’. Lou accepted a loss. I was surprised. But hey, even she agreed that I am the Canadian here. I also take no prisoners in these kinds of situations. I have a country to represent.

Supper seemed to take forever to cook. It may have been the fact that I was famished that made time nearly stop.

Apparently we are having hot water problems. I do not think it is my fault. For one, remember the short shower? Two, my shower was at around, 9:30 am. Almost 12 hours before Lou’s. The toilet and washing machine do not use hot water, so it was not those. And I did wash dishes in the sink today, but that was around noon, and I used maybe two medium sized pots of water. I’m into conserving. I seem to be suspected of using all the hot water during the day. I know that I do not. But seeing as nobody else is home all day, who else could it be? Maybe the pool uses warm water and they don’t know it.

I do not know at all.

I did manage to open my computer in Safe Mode and write up these two entries. I also got a Deep Scan going with my anti-virus system. Hopefully it cleans out everything. I would be much happier to see it clean out a million viruses than say it found nothing.

We’ll see how the nut cracks.

10:19 pm

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