Wednesday, February 2, 2011

is your dad a vampire?

Time : 10:14 pm

Location : the Chair

Weather : it was gorgeous outside today

OK. So. What was going on with my computer? I kind of know. I kind of don’t. In short it was not a virus, which is usually not for the better. But, I saved 50% on it, so that’s not too bad.

For some reason we wanted hard boiled eggs for breakfast this morning. Keeping in mind today was Wednesday, aka Mid-Week-Saturday. I love hard boiled eggs. So does Lou apparently. Probably ‘coz I make ‘em best.

We had a very leisurely morning and barely made it to gymnastics on time. But we did, that is the important thing.
Photo from Friday
I drew and colored this icey
Eiffel Tower. Lou instructed me what she wanted.
But we obviously had a joint effort
on the project. haha

Sometimes when I’m driving, standard, I’ll become aware of the fact that all four of my limbs are fully in use at the moment. It is a very odd thing to become aware of. Similar to when you think about ears, then all you can see when you look at people are their ears. However, that does not work for noses. Peculiar eh?

I was busy in the 90 minutes Lou has gymnastics. I went to the post office, town hall, the bank and to pick up my laptop from the shop. Four stops can take more time than you think. Especially if there is a line. I have to be honest, there really is not much to report. I was not in a pondering mood and nothing exciting happened to me, sadly.

It was really nice out though. Something to remember if you’re speaking with the French: if you ever get lost in small talk, chit chat or the conversation has gotten too deep for you to stay afloat, talk about the weather. They love talking about the weather. With a passion. (Forgive me if I am repeating myself, must the all the Frenchness wearing off)

Since it was so absolutely gorgeous out, Lou and I played some kind of game when we run around the outside of the house shooting each other with guns. It was kind of amusing. Until I made the mistake of hiding under a table that I could not escape from and I got shot for nearly five minutes straight. That is a long time to get shot.

This malicious and amusing game made me think of two things:

One) My brothers and how if they were playing, these BB guns would be loaded

Two) Does anyone know when the last time we played laser tag in the dark at the farm was? I’m pretty sure I would kick butt at it now.

We also made bread in the bread maker today. Took us all of two minutes. I was really excited to measure everything out and gather the ingedients, blah blah blah. And here all we do is throw in some water and some flour-mix, hit the button and three hours later you have a loaf of bread. I was so disappointed. It was delicious, but just not the same. The whole bread making experience was lacking.

The highlight of my day was sometime after 4pm.

For the past week I’ve been seeing posters around town advertising for a blood donor clinic set for today. The first time I saw one I knew I was going to donate. I wanted to donate last year when I was finally old enough and the clinic came to school, as it does every year, but just coming back from Costa Rica and Cuba, I had to wait X number of months. There was nothing getting in my way this year.
I'd like to say I got hit by a scooter
but I really gave the blood for
the guy that actually gets hit
and needs it.

And unlike most of my stories, where something does end up getting in the way, or creating a major(ly amusing) upset, nothing did. For the sake of some of your squeamish folk, I won’t go into too much detail. The part that hurt the most was when they pricked my finger to do a quick iron test or something to make sure I could handle giving the blood. Lots of people say they can feel the blood leaving their veins, that was not my case at all. Trust me, I watched every drop leave my arm, and if I didn’t look at all, I’d never know what was happening. The one part that was weird, was that the tube that my blood was flowing through, that just so happened to be laying on my forearm, was oddly warm. As in my own blood pumping through a tube was warming the outside of my arm. Ok, that seems so much more gross now than when I first conceived the thought while laying there.

Everything went well. No fainting or anything. I even got some free cookies (and got in a really intense conversation with some woman about what kind of cookies they were, no conclusion was reached) and juice. I took some of the healthier options.

Supper came and went, as per usual and here I am.

If you’re wondering about the past week or so, I made three Bank entries, but then my computer was in no condition to work, so I let it slide. I promise you guys will get something good soon. Pinkie Swear It.

10:39 pm

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