Monday, February 14, 2011

red rain.

Time : 11:07pm

Location : my lair

Weather : post-rain

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

We (or at least I) started off fairly festive by giving Lou a gorgeous hand crafted Valentine. I hope she liked it.

I really did want to get out for a bike ride but the rain kind of deterred me. For the whole day.

On the plus side but un-sunny side, I managed to get some major planning milestones done on my upcoming trip. Hostels, activities, transport, you name it, I am getting it done.

Keeping the festiveness above zero, I made some Valentine’s Day cookies. Nothing special, just regular sables with some cinnamon and sprinkles. They are mighty delicious and I noticed that people have been eating them. Mission accomplished.

We finally got the door back on the toilet room today. By we, I mean the reno guy, Patrick, finally came back to put it on. I swear this bathroom is not going to be done by the time I am gone.

I’m pretty sure that the only half and hour that it did not rain today was when I went out for a quick walk. I really like the rain, I do. I like the way it makes everything smell so fresh and how plants are greener the next day. I especially like having to use my windshield wipers (or when I’m driving fast enough I don’t have to anymore). But most of all, I love the sound of rain falling on my rain jacket hood. There is something very relaxing about that sound. It made me wish it had been pouring buckets when I went for my walk instead of the rest of the day.

I am predicting a wall of fog tomorrow morning. I will document the out come of my predictions.

I guess you’re wondering where I went for my walk. No where special today, I didn’t have time for some place special, just for down town. I had a couple stops, and finally I got to the computer place. I explained to the guy that I was having the same problem as before and it is completely inevitable that I have it time and time again, so I got him to explain to me what I have to do. I now have the remedy for this computer problem in my mind and only a couple clicks away.

Even though I was more or less done writing out my homework, when Lou got home I asked her if she wanted to look it over for mistakes. I think she rather enjoyed that, even if she didn’t find any (oh yeah!), because she went on to make up a game called School. Original isn’t it? I can’t remember the last time I actually had a French dictation or had to answer random French questions. Did you know there are bills in 200 euro denominations? Now you do.

Evelin and I went to a movie this evening, just to get out of our houses. It was Hereafter. You all probably have heard of it. It was playing in English at the Renoir. I kind of liked it, the ending was not really to my original liking though. After we had discussed the movie all the way home, so more or less 20 minutes, I think I may have swayed to liking it more.

Then I came home and here I am.

Since my computer is fixed, I can now put my pictures up!! Check back in the entries to see some photos folks!


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