Thursday, February 17, 2011

quite progressed.

Time : 9:36pm

Location : sittin on the couch

Weather : SO HUMID. I’m cold.

Today was wet. Still. Honestly, this humidity is freezing me right down to my phalanges. I’m layered to the nines.

This morning I was super energetic even though I did not sleep until late in the night. I got right into my day.

I started with my homework that I neglected yesterday. I researched Canadians and recycling for a solid hour, gathering statistics only to look at one of the hand outs and remember what I was actually supposed to be doing. I was kind of on the right track; gathering stats and putting them into a context using articulators. What I was actually supposed to be doing was looking at a graph (I chose one on the percentage of Canadians that are physically active in their leisure time based on age and gender) and then creating a report on it using articulators for expressing graphs. Trust me, it sounds confusing, maybe because I did a bad job at describing it, but I’ve really got the hang of it, when I write. Speaking, I’m still working on it. I did a stellar job on my homework.

I spent the remainder of my time gathering more and more information for this trip. I think I read too many reviews by people on the places that I’m planning on going. But hey, I have to make sure that these places are worth my precious time.

I found out my lovely little leather-moccasin-like flats leak water from the soles up. I was so disappointed, but really, what else should I have expected?

Even though it was Thursday, I did not end up walking right into the weekly market in Aix. I guess nobody felt like making money in the rain. If I had a booth, I’d be making so much money that I would make it rain.

And it also turned out that the Post Office was closed. I tell you, these French people, so unreliable with their business hours.

Class today was bigger; there were five of us. We went over our work with articulators, as per usual. I did a nice little mini presentation of my homework seeing as I was the only one who had done it. I got a compliment on how well I write in French. I was pleased. The remainder of the class was spent on Oona’s presentation on violence in schools. Of course everyone had an opinion and recounted stories from where they’re from. For some reason we spent a lot of time discussing the amount of guns there are in the U.S.A.

After school Lou, Alex and I spent tons of time putting numerous puzzles together. I think maybe if we would have been given enough time, and some of us patience, we might have completed the 500 piece one. I was on a roll and then Hop! Back in the box…

Remember my first experience with beets here? How they look like bloody flesh? Or something along those lines… Well, today I chopped some up and threw them in with the lemon rice. Excellent decision. Although apparently eating them cooked is not very popular. Oh well, everyone’s gotta get used to new things, not just me.

Also, on the topic of my French improving; Alex said that I am speaking quite a bit faster than when I first arrived and she is also impressed at my amount of vocabulary, mainly how I tend not to use the same words over and over as well as words that are transparent from English to French. This made me really happy because I really feel like my oral has not been progressing as much as I would like. Although I do work on it.

9:51 pm


  1. Yay for your french improving :):):) I wish mine was that good. Like I'm fluent I suppose, but I definitely have all of the problems you seem to be overcoming. New plan: next time you move to a french-speaking place for an extended period of time, take me with you!! Then again, not sure that would help my french skillz either lol.

  2. id love to take you with me
    but that would DEFINITELY be jeopardizing our french skillz.
    but definitely not our computer hacking skills, bowstaff skills, ninja skills

  3. Naploen Dynamite reference win? HECK YES IT IS