Saturday, February 12, 2011


Time : 11:58pm

Location : my room

Weather : nice enough

This morning went very well for me. Apart from being ridiculously tired in the morning that is. Usually once I get home and have gotten into getting things done, I feel better, or at least somewhat awake. Today however, I still felt like my eyes were half closed and my brain still on sleep mode. So I took a nap.

It was a productive nap. Some naps just make you feel more tired or worse than you were before, and end up being a waste of time. This nap was a good one, where I wake up feeling like I had actually slept and recuperated myself into being ready to be gung-ho for whatever was to come.

In today’s case, that would be a lot of ironing. I feel as if there are clothes that are always being washed, but then once they are dry Marie-Anne stashes them somewhere and waits until there is a huge mound for me to iron. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the ironing down pat, as long as there aren’t any complicated folds or pleats in the fabric, but apparently my folding is not up to snuff. Today somebody instructed me that I was folding the long sleeve shirts wrong. Apparently long sleeve shirts can be folded wrong. Who knew.

I was hoping that the sun would come out today, but well, it didn’t. That kind of ruined my plan to wait across the street from the bus stop, basking in the sun while leaning against the wall, like a lizard, then to scamper across to the stop once the bus came around the corner. I was really looking forward to being a lizard today. Instead, I went to the stop before that to wait with Evelin.

The non-lizard me saw Evelin being tormented by the local Yorkshire Terrier (I’ll call it Yorky). I summoned Yorky with a click of my tongue then engaged in a tough-dog growl off in the middle of the street. Baring my menacing fangs, I won. When Evelin asked what I said to it to make it run away, I said: I growled. I don’t know why she was surprised.

Instead of having our class at the school today, we went to Lisa’s apartment for her presentation. Her theme was American baking. It was the best presentation ever! Pretty much all we did was hang out in her incredibly well decorated apartment (she is an interior designer, so yes, it was like hanging out in a magazine) and baked. We made chocolate chip cookies (turned out SO WELL) and some chocolate cupcakes (although we accidentally added a ½ c too much flour, still so delicious) with peanut butter and coconut milk icing. Plus, she had some appetizers out for us which were three kinds of dips: a chevre cheese and red pepper dip, guacamole made with feta and then a raw salmon with sesame seed chunky dip. Oh! These dips were to die for (even the red pepper one and I am no fan of chevre!)! And I can not forget the refreshing fresh squeezed mint-lime-onade she made. Lisa is incredibly talented not only with decorating, but also with entertaining from the atmosphere to the food! It was an excellent afternoon.

She even gave me some cookies for the road! It was so kind of her!

After school Lou and I just hung out until her dad came to get her. I spent the early evening writing replies to the letters my brothers sent me in mail. Dang, I ruined the surprise. Oh well.

I made the best supper for myself since everyone else was gone. Penne Bolognese with extra basil in the sauce as well as sautéed onion and garlic with the meat. I have to keep in mind that that is an easy single serving meal.

Eventually Evelin came over and we watched the Barbra Streisand movie The Way We Were. It was ok. I was kind of on the edge of my seat (metaphorically because I was actually lounged out on the couch) the whole time waiting for something disastrous to occur in the plot line, but it never happened. I felt like I was stuck in the middle of watching a very happy movie and one where nothing works out ever. Which, now that I think of it, is exactly what that movie was. I find those movies almost tiring to watch, especially when they’re seven minutes away from being two hours long.

Phew, am I glad to get to bed.

12:23 am


  1. "Her theme was American baking"

    What do the French think about the Julie and Julia movie? Do they care about Julia?

    "the Barbra Streisand movie What We Were"

    Ummm, I think that you mean The Way We Were......but What's in a name........or in this case not.

    Love Dad

  2. Ah Youre right! The Way We Were! I knew it didnt sound right when I typed it. then again, I was super tired. Oh well. :P
    No idea what they think about Julie and Julia.. I should ask.

  3. I saw "The Way We Were" on TV a while back. Excellent color and it depicts the era very well. A little slow moving, but a good show none the less. I thought Barbara and Robert Redford were quite good in it. The cinematography was typical of that era.

  4. Now that I think of it, yes, those aspect were good. But storyline was slow.
    ALthough, after discussing it with Evelin, we decided that it may have been avant-gard for the time (70s) or atleast a popular storyline?
    but we realyl wouldnt know.

  5. I can definitely picture you kicking Yorky's butt at growling :)
    I'm sorry you were not lizard though. However, in 5DAYS I will be enough of a lizard for the both of us. Then, when you get back, perhaps we can lizard together (on Nesslin beach)!
    Mmmm and those appetizers and deserts sound delectible.. *drool*

  6. Yorky is the new Minnie, on the level of little dogs (even though minnie is not little) thinking theyre big.
    Someday I will lizard here and get super brown so we can be brown lizards in the summer :D
    those dips rocked my socks off.
    im gathering some recipes. trust me.