Thursday, February 3, 2011

a slippery thing.

Time : 8:36 pm

Location : the Chair

Weather : must be humid ‘coz my feet are cold

Today was one of those days when it was just time for everything.

All of a sudden it was time to wake up in the morning. Then it was time to leave for school with Lou. That hour I’m awake in the morning sometimes takes forever, but today it kind of slipped by.

I honestly thought I was being productive with my morning. That is, until I realised it took me over half and hour to get dressed. Not a god sign.

It then took me way too long to get that entry from The Bank up. Although, to be fair, if I had stopped multitasking and did each thing on it’s own, I probably would have saved myself half an hour of trying to type while doing other things.

I should say something about the aesthetic quality of my entries from here on in. Since I got the diagnosis from 2 Clicks (the computer shop), I can’t change my resolution on my computer to the one I prefer. Although I am now adjusted, I’m not all together sure if the blog entries look different. So, if for some reason my photos start being placed in odd ways that maybe are not as pleasing to the eye as they once were, now you know why.

Back to the topic of my day slipping by with time;

All of a sudden, again, it was time to leave for my class. Upon arriving to the bus stop, Evelin commented on how punctual I was. Which was good because I thought I was going to miss the bus. I really must have been operating at a slow pace today.

I am always surprised on Thursdays when we arrive in Aix to find the market. I do find it a lovely surprise though. Makes for a good way to kill some time before our class. To make it better, I had a major find too! But, I am going to pass on telling you about it.

The class was ok, we just went over some work sheets we had. Nothing overly interesting. Something I do like about our class is how even though we are just going over sentences we made, we always have to give our opinion or make one up for the sake of the question. From these points we usually have interesting conversations, seeing as we all, for the most part, come from different backgrounds. So yes, today was actually interesting, but nothing that I can really recount to you.

After school time came and went, and it was almost the evening when I realized we had no bread. Lou ate almost all the bread today. I was appalled, slightly. We went for a walk to the bakery and compared three of the bakeries the whole way there and back.

The French really love their breads. Almost as much as the weather.

We finished supper way before it is usually time to. In fact we finished before we usually even start. I’m probably going to be in bed before 9:30.



OH PS. there more than likely will not be an entry tomorrow, or Saturday seeing as I am spending my birthday (weekend) in Paris! No big deal, just thought I'd throw it in so you don't worry about my absence. Ciao!


  1. Man, I had the same problem yesterday with it taking wayyyy too long to get dressed. I looked at the clock and realized that I'd been standing there for 45min, and only had 15 more before I had to be out the door! Needless to say, I was slightly late for class.

  2. ahhhhhahaha i can totally imagine that happening to you. :P
    and me. :P