Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesdays ROCK.

Entry for January 25th 2010

Time : 8:54 pm

Location : side of my bed, again

Weather : too cold for the fly to want to live outside… it has moved into my room…

Today was simply great.

For once I woke up full of energy! You would think with such a healthy sleep regimen and exercise I would feel well rested all the time, but that is not the case.
So determined to run.
So procrastinating.

As soon as I returned home from dropping Lou off, I was out the door again lickity split for a jog. I threw some soccer socks on today. I think the extra warmth on my shins really helped. I barely got sore at all.

I guess the mail man came by early today because when I got home there was a huge white box sitting on our counter (Marie-Anne was home sick, so she must have taken care of it). I recognized the writing on it instantly. Then the cleaning lady, Audrey-Anne came. There were the three of us in the kitchen: A.-A. cleaning something, M.-A. barely getting her breakfast down (she was so sick) and myself opening my presents and loving everything so much!

My stocking is now hanging by my mirror, and is going to stay there, all full of goodies, that may not stay there long. Above my bed are a bunch of very expertly decorated sparkly snowflakes along with photos of some of my favourite little cousins (and their awesome parents too). I moved my Canada calendar to by the desk and put the Saskatchewan calendar where my old one was. You guys seem to be worried that I will forget what home looks like! Don’t worry! But thanks too eh! My other miscellaneous gifts are in their respective spots, where I can see and make use of them all the time! Not to mention that the Dark Side of The Moon is now going to take up permanent residence in the CD player. That one was just a given though. Oh, and of the 1000 Places To Go Before You Die, I already have 13 checked off and I haven’t even gotten out of Western Europe. Considering how long I have been alive, I think I am doing pretty good! And, all my cards and artwork are now hanging from my walls. (Marie-Anne said that I could stick pins in the walls since she plans on redoing this room soon)

All this excitement distracted me from getting ready to for brunch with Evelin. Again, living two minutes from each other is starting to come in handy for me.
is the best.

We had a gourmet lunch of French toast, walnuts and fruit salad. I was in charge of the salad. Those fruits could not have been cut better. We used up a good amount of bread that was about to turn rock hard. Which, in a moment, you will find oddly coincidental.

Evelin and I
moments before devouring our
Here’s your tid bit of information for the day : French Toast, is it really French? En Français, it isn’t actually called ‘French toast’ and I forget the actual name. The dish, if you will, itself is a French one and is a good way of getting rid of hard bread. Coincidence? I think not! If you didn’t know this already, Maple Syrup with some cinnamon sprinkled on top is the only way to go (you can buy “Canadian” maple syrup at the stores here, too bad nowhere on the label you can read Made In Canada or Product of Canada. I am a tad sceptical somebody wants a piece of our Tree Gold).

Post-meal we had a couple rip roaring games of Connect Four and Othello. I am indeed, still a champion at Connect Four, Othello, not so much. Post-games we went bussed to Aix for our classes.

After school Lou and I went through all my presents and put them each in the spot very meticulously. My room is also more done up with Christmas ribbons and cards and snowflakes than the house was during the actual Christmas Season. I find it rather cheerful. It makes me happy.
can we do Christmas in January for me
EVERY YEAR?!?!?! please?

Still feeling sick, Marie-Anne was home earlier than normal after going in a lot later than normal already, so we had a very quick (but also very tasty) supper. Everyone has to know that I perfected the art of making rice here. Not too much, not too little. Just enough for us three to eat, and of course a little bit of left overs. I always feel that there should be a little bit of left overs, it’s better than going hungry and fridges are there for a reason.

That was my day. And I obviously still have not succeeded on fixing my computer. Boo.

Also, I got a pink envelope in the mail today, but I think I am going to save it for my birthday, just an idea.

9:23 pm

NOTE : after this one my laptop was fully non- operational, so I did not make any Bank Entries.. I'll make it up to yall.. if I ever get around to getting my last Bank up haha

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