Saturday, February 19, 2011


Time : 12:07pm

Location : lounged in my room

Weather : days like today make me wonder how the last three are possible

Today was a very positive day.

On that note, I will get the only negative thing out of the way: due to an unclosed faucet last night and thus there was no hot water. I managed.

Alex asked me if I would help her translate her resume, so we did just that after I got back k from the bank. Believe it or not, but there are a couple of difference between French resumes and the way we were taught in school. For one, it is customary to add a photo of yourself. I found this odd but also practical. For one, you will be able to easily identify this potential employee, but also, how necessary is that prior to the interview? Another thing, is that your age is included. The two things we were taught not to do…

Class was a little larger today, but our numbers seem to be dwindling lately. I did not even realize until I got there, but I had completely forgotten to do my homework. Thankfully it was really simple and I got it done as we went along.

Go figure that we also worked on writing resumes. Theme of the day much? Turns out when employers are looking for help, sometimes, in France, they put a “ (H) ” or a “ (F) ” beside the job title to indicate if they would prefer a man or a woman. Lisa and I found that so astonishing on how openly discriminative that is. Our next comments were both along the lines of how much money people would be making off the ads just by suing them.

Half way home I remembered that I forgot to return my movie to the school, not that there is a return date, but I wanted my deposit money back. I also remembered that some how I forgot to iron Lou’s clothes this morning. So, afterschool, while Lou had her snack, I ironed. Took me next to no time. I think I am getting better at it.

For some reason Lou decided that she wanted crepes. So we had crepes. Mini crepes. They are so good, but believe it or not, I have really been craving waffles lately. Crepes just are not doing it. I’m afraid the novelty of crepes is wearing off, unless they’re from the Crepe Factory.

Evelin invited me to Institute, which is the student group meeting at her church. The lesson part was ok, again, I was kind of able to follow, and did some translation for Evelin. Sometimes when I’d get really into translating, I’d look over and see her laughing because not only did she have me in one ear, but also the guy on the other side translating for her too! Lucky her! Haha.

The people there were really friendly and oddly enough some people actually knew where Saskatchewan is! Not Saskatoon though, that’s still stretching it. One guy even had a joke about it, ‘coz everyone makes SK Jokes, ya know? : Saskatchewan, hard to say but easy to draw. Not bad, not bad.

After the lesson there was food (excellent lasagne) and then some games. They played movie trailers, intros to songs and audio clips from animated movies, and we had to identify them. We were in teams, and between Evelin, Arnaud (who is from Geneva) and myself, we got an overall score of 26/50. Oh, and it was all themed on Valentine’s Day.

It went oddly late but really this late. All the movie clips got me in the mood to watch a movie, so… I am. Gotta love how convenient the internet is. Although the multitasking does make it hard for me to fully concentrate on formulating my sentences. I should get back to my movie.




  1. Glad that you had a good day. Maybe you could get a job as a translator. I have a fair bit of ironing that you could do when you get home...and it will probably still be here, too!

  2. there is absolutely no way i would want to work as a translator. i would have no brain left at all.
    ummmm i believe we have a clothes steamer at home... irons are so old fashioned :P