Thursday, February 17, 2011

4th times the charm.

Time : 11:47 pm

Location : my Room

Weather : rainy, not rainy, rainy, make up your mind!

The weather here can not make up it’s mind! Needless to say the rain was on and off all day long.

Today I figured out a superior route to gymnastics and to Carrefour. I felt rather proud of myself, being able to figure out the road ways like that. You may think that after over three months of being here I would have the roads of the area down pat, but well, not exactly. If you look at the grid of Saskatoon, it literally is a grid. Very square and easy to navigate. France however, is pure chaos. One big knot of roads.

Another plus of the day: either tomorrow or Friday will be the final day of work on the bathroom. Who is pumped? I am. I think everyone else is just tired of it. I’m looking forward to having a real shower for once.

Yes, today was Wednesday. (I think I always note when it is Wednesday…) Lou went to play at her friend’s place for the afternoon which left me free to do what ever.

I took advantage of this time to head to the train station to get some information on how I plan on getting to Spain. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, they were next to no help at all and I actually left wondering how on Earth this trip is going to be possible. Which is kind of odd, because if I remember correctly, when I went there before to get help on my Germany trip, I believe I left with the same sentiments…

Keeping the trend of old emotions and happenings, as soon as I got home and continued to research my travel, I found a spectacular solution to my otherwise devastating problem. Now I must ask, if you work in a train station, why can you never fully serve someone? When I worked in a grocery store I knew where all the items were, and if I didn’t, I knew someone who did. Like honestly, these people have a nifty computer program to do their work for them.

So yes, as you can imagine, I spent the better part of the afternoon planning out this trip. I have to admit it is going a lot smoother than the last one because this time I actually know, or have a better idea of what I am doing. It is going to be SO GREAT!

I bet you all look forward to hearing about it.

In the evening, not long after Lou and I returned, Alex returned as well. She is on holidays now and has come home for a couple days. She’s friendly, I like it when she is here.

I tried another new-ish idea for supper today. Fairly simple, but an idea none the less. Baked potatoes done kind of like devilled eggs. Once well baked, I scooped out as much potato as possible without breaking the skin, and proceeded to make mashed potatoes out of it. Then I return the now mashed potatoes (made with love, and cream and butter for a little flavour) into the empty shells and seasoned with paprika. Everyone seemed to like it. I was pleased.

I got another letter in the mail today. I love getting mail. Personally, I think I get the best mail in the house. So yes, my day was made even better.

I was going to watch a movie this evening, but my movie mood faded, so I did a little catching up on my Glee. Which is why this entry is so late… That and every time I tried to write, total of three times prior to this, I could not. My fountain of words was dry. One time I even started with: I did absolutely nothing today.

Thank goodness I remained patient and watched some Glee. Haha


12:02 am


  1. So were you bathing before the bathroom was done?
    Also: yayyy Lou hung out with a friend :)

  2. bathing indeed.
    and no kidding :)