Sunday, February 13, 2011

just as i said.

Time : 9:45am

Location : my room

Weather : sounds gorgeous outside

why we need winter.

I slept a little longer than I expected to this morning, but hey, it was Saturday and I was up late last night too. I was just about out the door to go on a run, the first one in I don’t know how long, when the phone rang. It was Evelin. She wanted to know if I wanted to come on an afternoon hike and picnic on the Mont. Sainte-Victoire. You know I did, so instead of going out for a run, or maybe a jog, still unsure of how my legs are doing, I gathered up some food for the picnic.
it was nice

An hour later we were on the road. But not to Mont. Sainte-Victoire. A good hike there is 4.5 hours (according to the sites). Not knowing whether that was the way out and back, we just would not have time to do it justice. Not today. So I suggested we go to a nice little town by the Sea, not far from Marseille, where we can walk and hear the waves.
can you believe they grew like that?

Off we headed to Niolon.

The last time I was there was November 11th 2010 with Marie-Anne, Lou and Alissa. This time we went on the same path, but we went a little farther. There were lots of rocks we had to climb up and trees we had to crawl under. Not overly challenging but some parts of it really made me miss wall climbing. I’m going to have to find some place where I can go do that sometime…
au bord de la mer

We stopped for a delicious lunch of homemade burritos, emmantale sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, veggies and fruits, and of course, peppermint tea. We sat in a bowl like area where we were sheltered from the light wind and could see down right to the Sea.

After lunch we headed back and did a quick tour of Niolon. I came across the same cat that I saw sitting in the cat hour last time. We decided it was the totem animal of the village.
happy hiker!

Once I returned home and cleaned myself up a bit, I got to doing some light crafting for Valentine’s Day which is coming up. Something that is really different from French elementary schools and North American schools is the amount of crafting. From preschool all the way to grade eight, we make countless crafts for every occasion imaginable! Some are education aids, some are just for fun! Here, they make next to none. I think Lou made one for Christmas. I can’t imagine them having time to color either. I believe this suggests that North American schools win for fun factors.
even happy under the tree

Something else I’ve been wondering about is whether or not they will give out little Valentine’s Day cards. That seems like such a commercial spin off of the holiday, I can’t imagine them taking part. Oh well. I’ll bake some heart cookies again so we can celebrate.
where we ate lunch

I swear I left and arrived early to pick Marie-Anne up from the station. However, I some how forgot that she said she would be waiting on the Taxi pick up side. Which really did not make any sense to me because she picked me up from the other People side last time. Anyways, it looked as if I was late picking her up, but really I was just on the other side of the tracks. She was not pleased, oh well.
this was 2pm

When we got home I continued crafting and then she left to get groceries. I made myself some supper then popped in When Harry Met Sally and for the first time, tried watching it in French. It may have been because I was only paying half of my attention to it, it may have been because I know the jokes and know how they’re supposed to sound, but eventually I had to get up and change it to English because it was almost painful to listen to. Not only were the lips off (normal) but the jokes were not the same (understandable) and the voices just did not match those of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan (which is just unacceptable).

I ended up turning it off so I could be 100% productive on posting my Paris photos, which ended up taking me 2 hours anyways and made me too tired to post last night.
same cat as last time... i think it
lives there...

Well, here ya go.

But. I have bad news.

That funky thing with my computer is going on again, but this time not so bad because I can use the internet. Anyways, in this Safe Mode, I can’t upload my photos onto my computer. Which is no good, for me nor you.

Let’s hope I get it sorted out tomorrow when I visit the computer guys again.

first lemon tree ive ever seen.
"that tree has lemons and limes! oh wait.."


  1. I know "When Harry Met Sally" is a good show, but would you like me to send you some other ones?

  2. Naw,
    well, thatd be nice. But Id only be able to watch them on my laptop and well.. thats not really a reliable option.