Wednesday, February 9, 2011

brain fart my mind.

Time : 9:05pm

Location : the Chair

Weather : I am so cold.

Everyone here is sick.

Including me.

I woke up this morning and just felt bad. At that point in my day I was not fully sick, just bad.

I took advantage of Lou’s sleeping in habit on Wednesdays to get some research done for my upcoming Spain trip. Oh wait, is this news? If it is, great! If not, well, surprise? Yes, come the end of February, I will be setting off again for other lands, this time with a companion. I’ll leave that much in the dark, for now.

Neither of the two of us seemed to have much, if any, get up and go today, yet somehow we got to gymnastics with time to spare.

As usual, I took some time during gymnastics to walk down town. By the time I got home I was literally dragging myself through the door. I had lost all my energy in exchange in exchange for a mix of slight nausea and a head ache. I laid back and watched some TV until I had to leave to get Lou.

Getting up and out made me feel a little better, but by the time we got home I was back to feeling horrible. Lou said she was not feeling well either, which kind of worried me that some kind of virus was taking over the house.

My worries for Lou dissipated as she went about looking for friends to invite over for the afternoon. I was so happy that we had success because that meant I was more or less off the hook for the afternoon. Once again, I sat down and planned out a couple days of the trip.

I’m thinking that I am going to revise thoroughly what I have marked down from today because my brain is really not functioning. All day long, I have been majorly lacking in thought processing processes. For example; I asked Lou three times how many chicken nuggets she wanted (four) and then an extra fell into the pan (making 5), which added up to there being 11 nuggets in a 10 nugget package (which apparently made sense to me) but when I served out the nuggets, there were six in the pan.

Thankfully I didn’t have to do any real cooking this evening. All I had to do was heat the potato-carrot casserole and serve out the salad. The potato-carrot casserole was absolutely delicious. It pretty much tasted like mashed yams, which was odd because the recipe originally called for yams. Speaking of which, why do we never eat mashed yams? I think they would be delicious.

And now it is after 9pm. I honestly don’t think I had enough though processes today to make this entry any better, and if I try, well, we just might not get any sense. and PS
I think I am still ill.



  1. Hope you're feeling better! <3

  2. It's all about the Math.
    It's all in the numbers.

  3. It's all about having a working brain,
    the rest comes without having to think after that.