Friday, March 18, 2011

pig in a blanket.

Time : 10:50pm

Location : my chill space

Weather : finally nice!!

Today had a great start, well, a couple hours in, when I went over to Evelin’s for a brunch. It was so delicious. We had a little tex mex going on and we sat outside in the sun. Eating outside, such a good way to start a Friday especially after a week (or two) of rain and wind.

brunching it outside

Once again we had a really small class, only four of us. But I guess this is just to be expected from now on. I really wish we had a larger class, but what can you do? Besides, I only have three weeks of class left.

On the plus side, I did an incredible job of incorporating our many grammatical and speaking skills into what I was saying during class. Even if what I am saying now I not all that great. Hopefully it makes up for this, as well as for yesterday.

it was delicious

Later in the evening Evelin and I went to institute. The mass amount of traffic on the way made us a wee bit late. The activity after the lesson was quite fun; a cocktail soiree. We got to mix all kinds juices together, and there were fruits and little umbrella like things too, which is fun. ALSO. I had my FIRST pig in a blanket. I never knew what I was missing out on all my life. I wonder if pigs in a blanket would be a friendly item for supper.

Ok, so I am obviously really tired, and this is not working out.

BUT. I have exciting plans for tomorrow, so hopefully that will work out!

11:09 pm


  1. "pig in a blanket"

    One of Grandpa Dawson's favourites.

  2. what exactly -is- a "pig in a blanket"?

  3. I cant believe I went for so long with out eating Pig In a Blanket.
    Imagine a pig weiner, wrapped up in a blanket of dough, and cooked (i dont know if theyre deep fried or baked) and they come out all delicious.

  4. Can't wait to eat out on our patio. Maybe we'll be able to by the itme you get home!!

  5. well, seeing as thatll be july, id hope so too!!