Wednesday, March 23, 2011

chances are...

Time : 11:38 pm

Location : snuggled in mah bed

Weather : I was so scared it was going to rain all day, then the sun came out

I would quickly like to point out that yesterday was awesome.

And today was as well.

I am on an awesome day roll. Speaking of roll. Or should I say Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll?! This morning when I walked into the kitchen to begin my day, as I do everyday, there was something there that is not normally there, quite so early in the morning; a rectangular package. Still in my (slight) morning stupor (for lack of a better word) my first reaction was “Who sent me a bottle of wine?”. Odd I know. Think of how odd it was when this package weighed next to nothing at all.

how beautiful is this?
I’ll cut to the chase and tell you what was in the package: six Large Tim Horton’s cups and a note. Chances this year are 1 in 6. I Rrrrrrrrrrrrrolled up all six and I won on #2. Free coffee!! I’ve never been so happy to win a coffee in my life! Thank you my mysterious coffee cup sender, you know who you are (as do I).

Quickly before I explain the logic behind the bottle of wine idea, I’ll note that I went to my Body Balance class this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Body Balance class is a mix of Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates. I never thought that I would be the kind of person who could get into Tai Chi, but today I really zoned into that part and carried the energy with me for the rest of the day.

So the bottle idea.

While at the post office today, I noticed something about the boxes you can buy with the prepaid shipping on them: for each size, S to L, the size is explained by how many bottles of wine you can fit both within the space and by the weight limit. I find this very French. Normally you would think saying X number of kilos would suffice. I rather enjoyed this.

Although we did not learn anything new today, I really enjoyed class. We had a lively about us today and laughter was all around.
after this round I am 1-7

After school time was so-so and my evening just ended up playing out as normal. I had planned on going to Aix to go see a movie, but then Evelin called. We watched Memoires of a Geisha. It was really good. Like really good. We both liked it.

I would like to take this time to let you know that all the videos I have so far, from France, Germany and Spain are loaded onto a youtube account so now you can see them!! I’ll post the link here and also find somewhere in my profile to put it so you can access it. The videos are not all that great, but hey, at least they’re something.
VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. You should add me to favorites!!
My goal of the night, yes I am going to miss out on a bit of sleep here, is to get the photos from Avignon put up. As well as the other ones I missed in the last week or so. If you noticed some oddly bare entries, and you have some time, take a look back and you will (hopefully) find some photos!!



  1. You won! You won!
    Very French that they have special boxes for mailing wine.
    I think I should get back into my Yoga/Pilates class. I really liked it.

  2. Nice, is there anything more Canadian than RR2W? Do the French get it?

  3. well, they arent specially made just for wine, but that is how they tell how large the boxes are and how heavy they can be.
    the french do not understand. i tried to explain, bu tthey just dont get it.

  4. which is actually kind of weird because they LOVE buying lottery tickets. you go and buy your morning paper from the press/lotto/tabac, and you buy a lotto ticket too, or at least a scratch and win kinda thing