Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a different land mass.

Time : 9:53pm

Location : my room

Weather : still rainy.

I was going to make an entry last night, but I was getting majorly fed up with a majorly slow computer. I do not even want to think about why it is running so slowly… So, this is going to be a combo entry, more of a commentary over a journal-entry, which is more or less what this is. I think I like the commentary idea more anyways.

Important things first: OPTIQUICK. I am having a real tough time dealing with all the tough love from this microwave. Yesterday, OPTIQUICK made my hot dog explode. I’m never buying myself a microwave with an OPTIQUICK setting.

One of the things I love most seeing at the gym are people exchanging their bisoux while working out. Ex.: man attempting to bisoux the woman on the elliptical. Ex.2: man on rowing machine trying to receive and reciprocate bisoux from his buddy. Unlike your street shoes, French-ness is not left at the door.

An assignment I had for class was to write an advertisement for my country, or region (depending on the size of your origins) (can someone please comment on that last parenthese-d comment, it does not sound right) using the current lesson learned. Naturally, I did one for Saskatchewan and to aid with my mini-presentation, I brought along my Saskatchewan calendar. I would like all of you Saskatchewanians to know that everyone in my class thinks that SK is beautiful, and apparently looks like Finland in the June photo.

I feel like every time I open the fridge here, I find zucchini. This has resulted in : 1) ‘Zucchini for dinner’ probably being my #1 searched thing on Google; 2) I will never spell Zucchini wrong again. Each time I go with a ‘safe’ recipe, but last night I felt like finally attempting making zucchini sticks. All I will say is there is something horribly wrong with the recipe I used and let the photos speak for themselves. On the plus side, they were possibly one of the tastiest things I have ever made, and am most definitely going to keep trying until I succeed. For now, zucchini sticks, you are an admirable opponent.

I went to the cinema last night as well and saw Les Femmes du 6iem Etage. It was hilarious and lucky me I was sitting beside two women who must have been on a girls night out or something because they had absolutely no problem at all letting their giggles go buckwild. I loved it, and obviously joined in. I think I might buy the DVD and chance ripping it onto my computer…

Between my computer being abnormally slow, and me being abnormally tired for this time of night, I can not think of anything to say of distinction for today. Other than I broke a lot of things.

First, while changing Lou’s sheets, the mattress hit the light lamp the nthe lightbulb fell out and broke over my head and now her room has no light. Then, the coffee pot was really hot and I accidentally poured ice cold water in it resulting in a crack in the bottom of it Thankfully the crack is holding strong though and I am yet to have any problems. Although now I am really scared of being electrocuted when I touch the coffee maker.

This is all I can sum up, or total up seeing as it is everything maximized.

Oh, can I note that it has been raining for 11 days straight now? I moved to Southern France, not London.


also. i promise i have photos. but this slow computer thing just is not working for me. literally.


  1. Okay, well I have a lack of comments about the parentheses, but I thought you should know that at Smitty's (before it closed... </3) we would put ice in our empty hot coffee pots and it was ALWAYS fine. then again, idk if it made a difference, but we also added salt. however, I'm pretty sure that was just for cleaning purposes. Anyways, moral of the story: France is weird, and therefore... take me with you next time :P

  2. france is weird. and you are definitely coming with. I have afeeling the Smitty's (</3) coffee pots are a bit more sturdy than this one..

  3. "the size of your origins"...I do not wish to comment at this time other than to say perhaps you meant to say "size of your regions"

  4. I suggest buying a new light bulb and a new coffee pot.

  5. region would have been the right wording. oh well.
    naw i bought some candles instead. you know how i love ahm-bee-ahnce.