Monday, March 14, 2011


Time : 9:42pm

Location : my room

Weather : finally decent!!

Although all day the wind blew and blew and blew, and rain still fell from the sky, come the evening, although the clouds still lingered, I have to say the weather improved.

This morning we had major car troubles concerning a locked steering wheel ignition problem. I really have no idea what was going on, but Lou and I had to walk to school. I make it sound like a bad thing, but I really enjoyed it, apart from the fact that she somehow walks twice as fast as me. This gave me a chance to stop by the pharmacy and the bank on the way back.I must have some French strain of a head cold that my Canadian antibiotics just are no match for because after nearly a week of being sick, well, I’m still sick.

just keep reading.

Speaking of French pharmacies, they are SO different from back home. In some ways for the better, like how you HAVE to talk to a pharmacist to get the meds you need. Thus telling them all of your symptoms and getting exactly what you need (and maybe more). However, this also means that to get something simple like Tylenol, you have to wait in line (granted there is one, which is not the best for people with a migraine on the go). Do not plan on walking into a grocery store and finding any of this, only the pharmacies marked by a bright green cross. Since you have direct contact with the pharmacist, now, I don’t know if this was just the one I was talking to or what, but she was going for the ultimate sale, trying to stock me up with all kinds of pills and sprays. All I need is a good decongestant and something for a deep cough. I’m not really into nasal sprays. These are the times when my French may just so happen to ‘not be as good’ as normal…

so delicious.

I then took my sweet time around the house, no reason really, well, apart from killer fatigue (I really felt done in by the time I got back to house, yeowza!) and finally made it out the door to go find the gym I planned on looking into. First I got to Aix where I found out it was not the gym but the offices, then I went home to check out where to go next. Oh, by this time I somehow fixed the car. I have no idea how I did it. Then I found out I have to go to Les Milles. Then I got lost in Les Milles (which is a really small town, and I have no idea how I got so lost seeing as now I know it very well) and went home to get more directions. Third time was the charm and I made it. I had a very friendly woman give me a tour and a 33% discount on my membership (awesome! Being non-french may have something to do with this, although she just said it was because I was really nice, also maybe because I was very reluctant).

After school I zipped Lou to theatre class and back home to have some chill time. Not that I really need chill time, but the class has been extended to 1.5 hours, and I find that a long time to chill in the foyer…

Returning home we found Marie-Anne home way early from work, so I took advantage of this to head to the gym for my first session: BODY ATTACK.

This was also my first time doing aerobics, ever. I will not get into details, other than A)There is a reason I played sports as a child and did not take dance, or anything involving keeping a rhythm and moving your feet (and arms!!!) B) I’m glad nobody was there videotaping me.  Oh, but I do have to say that I LOVE it when French people who are just teeming with endorphines start singing in English while working out. I LOVE IT.

Let’s not talk about this more.

I guess that brings me to now.




  1. "There is a reason I played sports as a child and did not take dance, or anything involving keeping a rhythm and moving your feet (and arms!!!)"

    Yes, you are your father's daughter......

  2. I think your zucchini stick photos were meant for the next posting. Non the less, they do look interesting.
    Still have to break out my new running shoes though the guilt has yet to hit me.
    I have to get my decongestant from the pharmacist also.

  3. haha oops yes they were, oh well :P