Sunday, March 13, 2011

fish from the sea.

Time : 9:49pm

Location : bedroom

Weather : Raining, raining, raining

Hopefully you guys have been reading what little bit of my Spain trip I have blogged so far and hopefully that makes up for the fact that I did absolutely no blogging on my day to day life. A mix of post-trip fatigue moving on to sickness and just a generally uninteresting week I did not feel compelled at all to blog at all. Other than going to class, finding my class even more disintegrated than before my trip, not much new was learned.

However, I did have a fairly interesting weekend.

in Aix

Friday evening Evelin and I went to Institute again. Some of the people actually remembered me even though the last time I went was over two weeks ago. Like I said before, they were really friendly and nice. At the end there were some magic and card tricks that absolutely blew my mind. Evelin said something along the lines of “People only get fooled because they want to be fooled.”. Which I thought was quite true. For some of the tricks if you try really hard you can figure it out, but being fooled is so much fun! Ignorance is bliss!

Saturday we had planned on meeting up with some people in Aix and going around to some places, getting some exploring done. Literal last minute cancellations and really bad weather, like really bad, changed our plans a little bit.

The first place we went to was the Book In Bar. It is an English bookstore and café. It was a good level of busy for a Saturday afternoon and I think I will be returning soon. They did have an excellent selection of books as well as an absolutely delicious looking muffin.

Next stop was the Musée Granet for the Futurealismes exhibition. I had been trying to go to this show for months and was so excited to finally see it. I think I had built it up a bit too much though. It was a collection of futuristic light shows that had some kind deeper meanings to them. Evelin really liked it, I did not. The whole time I felt like I was just looking at a screen or watching someone playing Sims. I did enjoy the part when went into the permanent collection of the museum where we found works by Cezanne, Rembrandt and I even found a Picasso. I would have liked to spend more time, but we had a bus to catch. And catch it we did not. So nearly two hours later we caught the next one.

This morning Evelin and I went to church. I really did like it. I found it enriching and I like learning the lessons and how they can be applied to every day life.

Other than the whole Mediterranean raining down on us over the course of today, nothing interesting happened.



  1. "Nothing interesting happened" other than the paragraphs you wrote above. You have to remember that we determine the "interesting" as we read. Post away, we read it all.

  2. everything above the last 2 paragraphs was not from that day. haha