Thursday, March 17, 2011

no green beans.

Time : 9:03pm

Location: sitting in my room

Weather : well, it didn’t rain today

I did not process that it was Saint Patrick’s day until I had gotten dressed, fully without any green on, and I did not feel like changing. I also felt like I had no green to wear. If you know me, this is not the case at all seeing as I could be green right down to my socks. Oh well. I’ll just wear some tomorrow.

I took the morning off from the gym. My triceps were screaming at me when I woke up, so I took this as a sign to lay low for the day. Which was kind of a good decision. Not that it was bad, but well, laying low is laying low and always results in me being laundry.

I was really pumped up when I went to class. The sun was shining, the Thursday market, which again took me by surprise, was full of clothes and seeing as I had no cash on hand I browsed freely with Evelin without the awful temptation to buy. Then we strayed into a shop, then another, and another, and I found a shirt that I have to buy. But we were almost late for class so I did not. But I will.

There is something about Class that just makes me tired. This tired comes in many ways, one of them being my French grammar and ability to put together a decent sentence goes out the window. I also can not process listening activities one bit. To add to the off-ness of the afternoon, we were three as a class, plus the teacher. Au-pairs are dedicated students and apart from our travels, we never miss a class.

On the way home, on the ever over flowing bus, my mukluks got noticed and sparked a conversation. Apparently I look Moroccan, but wait, I speak English. I caught a kid looking at me, so I said CANADA very slowly so he (and I) could process it. This then sparked a conversation with a curious young lad with just how cold it is in Canada and how hot it is here. A smart girl noted that since it is so hot here I shouldn’t have to be wearing such warm boots. I was tempted to inform her that she was wearing a parka.

In the Petit Casino (grocery store) I came across something amazing: Canada Dry. Evelin had never tried it, so I was obliged to buy it and make her try it. I am going to say we are still undecided on whether or not it was a hit. Maybe tomorrow at brunch it will be. Fingers are crossed.

The evening was not overly interesting. At all.

I was looking forward to a little St. Patty’s cheer in my day, but well, it didn’t happen. I mean, if I’m not going to change my clothes in the morning just for a day of the year, then how else is it going to happen?

Please note : I have been informed that France does indeed participate in Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.

That is all.



  1. Yay mukluks and Canada Dry!
    It's too slushy here for mukluks right now. It's actually rather gross, especially driving. I'm always scared to park, for fear of getting stuck there when I try to leave. Also, you didn't miss much for StPatty's. green beer is overrated. however, that doesn't mean that next year you and I won't enjoy a glass of it together FO SHO.
    Just sayin'

  2. I dont think slush exists in France.
    lol we have a lot to do when we rejoin.

  3. I went to a Lia Sophia jewelry party for St.Patrick's Day - and I think we did have green beans for supper.