Sunday, March 27, 2011

CEST = GMT +2.

Time: 10:00pm on the dot.

Location : sitting at my desk (ooh big change!!)

Weather : rainy as ever.

My plan of stock piling my ideas and saving them for small quantities of entries but with a higher level of quality is proving to be a success.

Ebba (Sweden), me, Evelin (Estonia), Shelly
(Korea), Jara (Iceland), Megan (USA)
just finishing lunch

Before I get to my interesting ‘did you know’ points, I will give you a very quick recap of my excellent week and weekend, maybe while throwing in the ‘did you know’s as I go. I still have to decide my execution on that one.

Hangin out on the beach

Thursday I had a very comforting supper out with Evelin, Megan (she also goes to IS) and her friends/family. We went to a tex mex place called El Rancho Grill and had the most delicious fajitas ever!! Megan and I both liked how the restaurant was the size of a normal north American restaurant where you actually had some elbow room instead of being crammed like sardines. Small restaurants like that are very French one of the girls, ViVi told us, and for some reason they love them. It had been so long since I’ve had any serious sized suppers with more than enough flavour. Their guacamole was amazing.

The Beach
we dont know where.

An interesting comment was made about me once we got in to our conversation. ViVi said that I had a very strong accent (we were speaking in English). This was something I had never heard before. I find my English to be rather accent-less. I’m not British, or Australian, or Irish, or some kind of American. I just have a neutral (or so I thought) English. You see, ViVi’s work has her speaking English with people who have a Chinese accent to their English and Megan, being from Tennessee, has a southern accent. Now it is understandable how I might sound like the one with an accent. Funny isn’t it?

taken on the steps
Friday’s bus ride home was eventful. First of all I was late leaving the school so I had to book it all the way to the bus terminal so I did not miss my bus, only to arrive early and have the bus leave late. Oh the irony. Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day and everyone was out and about Aix, resulting in horrible traffic. Obviously the bus will be moving slower, this is to be expected. The guy sitting in front of me was not tolerating this well. I could tell from all his huffing and puffing of impatience. The bus got caught behind another bus and had to wait for it to leave so we could continue. We had been stopped maybe a couple of minutes, and this guy starts bothering the bus driver about how long until we get going, how long are we going to wait here, blah, blah, blah. The bus driver took it rather lightly and tried to chuckle the guy off. This guy has now moved from impatient to mad. He starts harassing the bus driver. The bus driver decides he does not have to take such abuse, and really, he doesn’t, and asks this angry guy to get off the bus. Angry Guy will not get off the bus and continues harassing. Now the bus driver, who is fed up and also angry, turns off the bus and says he will not continue until Angry Guy gets off. Stand still. People are getting off the bus to walk, asking this angry guy to just get off, to apologize, take one for the team, anything to get the bus going. Rest of the story in a nutshell: the driver calls the head honcho guy to come and kick Angry Guy off the bus, we waited for ten more minutes for him to arrive and five minutes later Angry Guy still gets to ride the bus, being rude the whole way until he gets off and the driver, well, I hope he still has his job.

But that is not all.

Chapter 2 of the Bus Chronicles.

A.G. is blabbing away obnoxiously loud on his cell phone to his friend. Turns out he is just going to get off at a stop and his friend is coming to pick him up. I saw his friend following the bus with his car until A.G. gets off, all the while STILL harassing the driver. This guy has no limits. So A.G. gets off and him and his friend start yelling through the window to the driver, challenging him to a fight once the bus gets to the end of the line in Luynes, and the driver definitely was not backing down. I could not believe this was happening. When on earth does this happen? For real. Coincidently, everyone left on the bus got off right before the last stop (myself included). I felt bad for the driver because now any witnesses or back up he may have had were gone. And that car was very much following him, aggressively. How this story ends, nobody knows.

Crazy eh?

Saturday was another gorgeous day and thank goodness too because Saturday was Beach Day! I went to the beach with Evelin, Ebba, Jara, Megan and Shelly and had a wonderful time. Once we finally got there, and nobody really knows where exactly we were, we had a delicious lunch au soleil on one of the many terraces. Then we played some “childish games” on the beach and of course got some sun. Sadly due to the wind we were not full out getting our tans on, but still; going to the beach in March. Living the Life.

On the way back we made another detour, this time to IKEA. I do not have much to report other than did you know that it is actually pronounced “ick-yah”? It helps having Swedish friends. Also on that note, “Lilja” means Lily in both Icelandic and Swedish. So from now on, when people call me Anna-Lily, instead of thinking “Oh, you said my name wrong…”, I’ll think “Oh, you must be Swedish... Or Icelandic…”. And I can also use it as an excellent icebreaker, not that I don’t already have that down to a Q.

There really is not much to report for Sunday, and this is long enough. Believe it or not, but I did not get all of my ‘did you know’s in. Don’t worry, I have them written down so I don’t forget, but I will save them for a time when they will come in handy for content aka a rainy day (like today).


PS. I took maybe five photos at the beach, so I will just have to wait until we share photos. And, my computer is running abnormally slow so it is a little discouraging to post photos, but I will do it!!

PPS. !!!! DID YOU KNOW: that European Daylight Saving Time starts a week later than U.S.A and Canada’s? Did you know that FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I am actively participating in DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME BEGINS TODAY Day? I still have to figure out why we do it though. It does not seem to make much sense, but I’m sure science can explain it for me.


  1. CEST - looks like a little French time to me. N'est-ce pas? Or almost anyway. So, how is getting up an hour earlier?!! You can now go to bed an hour earlier, too ;P

    Nice to hear about the beach. Did you actually go in the water?

    So glad I live in Canada and we are polite. Angry Man sounds entertaining to a point and then he's just plain rude and obnoxious.

  2. Central European Summer Time. Before we were just Central European Time.
    and last night i stayed up later because i forgot to change the clock in my room. ugh this morning was not good.
    we walked in a bit, but it actually was a bit cold. plus nobody really brought their swim suits... haha

  3. Lots of info, looks like a great day with your friends.