Monday, September 20, 2010

One Step Closer

SO, its mid september and im still not in france. Why? WELL, getting a visa takes a bit longer than i thought; theres no filling out a form n sending it off, hoping to get a reply in 2 weeks or so. No, i had to wait for a month to get an interview, fly out to toronto for the interview, and wait up to 6 weeks for the processing time.
Right now, im sitting in my hotel room, with Dad, in Toronto.

Quick recap of today;
Fly out here on a 6am flight. Needless to say I slept the 3 hours.
Upon our arrival we bussed n subwayed our way to our hotel, the Comfort Inn, right off of Yonge Street.
Torontos pretty cool. Lotsa cars, lotsa people, ALOT of restaurants. We saw a walk for AIDS and all kindsa people. Very cool.
Ginger was the name of the restaurant we had our late lunch at. Dad had the Spicy Chicken on Rice and I have Fried Tofu on some kinda noodle. Very tasty. I'd give the restaurant a good rating for lunch. Not only was it very quick with getting us our food, waited 5 minutes for our food to be brought to us and it was alot of food. None of this half a plate fancy stuff, this was a full nearly overflowing large plate of food. Very impressive, and all for a price of 6 - 8$ a plate
Next stop was the CN Tower. I had no idea how tall it is. Tallest building in the world. Im skeptical of that one, but I guess they cant put something thats not true. Anyways, we went to all the levels; the observation deck, glass floor and the Sky Pod. Each level you could see farther and farther out. One a clear day you can see Niagra Falls and Rochester, NY. I THINK we saw those two, but i really didnt know what to look for. Something neat was that the SkyDome was open and we saw the Argos playing.
While trekking bac kto the hotel, we saw some attractions;
   - Hockey Hall of Fame. It was closed for a private event, so hopefully we'll make it back tomorrow.
   - Yonge Street in general. Walked all the way from the CN tower to our hotel. Quite a trek, but hey, what else are we gonna do?
   - Break dancers, they were ok. Ill upload vids on to either here or my facebook once I get home. I forgot my camera cord so yeah..patience my friends.
   - Hard Rock Cafe. I was excited when I found it. I had never been before, so we stopped in for a late supper. Saw a Bob Dylan display and some John Lennon stuff. Don't forget the Jim Morrison boots. Our waiter was super nice and was fairly interested in me going to France. (Although almost everyone that hears about it gets intruiged).
  - 1.52$ a slice pizza. Needless to say, we've got our lunch planned out for tomorrow.

Well, I've been up for a pretty long time now, so its time to call it a night. Hope yall enjoyed my first actual blog entry.
Please leave comments and questions about the trip; I lvoe to share, and dont really know what kinda things people like to hear about.

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