Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inches of Pastrami

First stop this lovely morning was the French Embassy. Got into my interview early, and all went well. The road to France now has one less obstacle.
Jumping on the subway, Dad and I headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. We toured around the displays, taking in all of the legends; Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, and of course, The Great One; Wayne Gretzkey. The Stanley Cup itself was in the Grand Hall. The one you take a photo with was of course one of 2 replicas, the other one was travelling around the world. The REAL cup was encased in the vault. I bet you never knew that there have been numerous designs of the Cup. Ever since the mid 60s, the Stanley Cup has looked the way it does today.
Grabbing a nice veggie dog from a vendor, and dropping a mix of sauerkraut and mustard down my white shirt, we headed back underground to get to the ROM.
Now, you ask, "What is the ROM?".  Well.... Royal Ontario Museum. How's that? Not too bad.
The ROM is interesting right from its exterior. Obviously an old building, the museum recently went through an exterior addition of some very artistic architecture. Theres no way to describe it other than, Modern?
Once inside we tour through a couple exhibits of Egyptians, Greeks, Asia and the Middfle East. All fairly interesting, but if you've ever been to the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, the Asian Artifact exhibit they had was far better. Moving on to another floor, we explore European Style. Learning all about the how architecture, furniture and art are all inter-realated and can be disguinshed from one era to another. Medival, Gothic, Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, Neo-Classical and Modern were most of the eras. Finish up our tour, we spent some time in the natural history section. Originally looking for the Bat Cave, we came across a room full of birds. Birds galore, so many birds all I could think of was Teri Clark and how she'd be in heaven. Oh, and by the way, an Albatrosse is absolutely gigantic; minimum 8 foot wingspan. We some how went through the dino section and some fishes along the way, but in the end, the Bat Cave was incredibly... poorly done. Not impressed.
Walking being our transportation of choice, we walked back along Bloor Street to Yonge where we made it back to our hotel to rest our feet for about 10 minutes. We stopped in many shops along the way, but had no success.
Once we headed out for good this evening, we hit up every shoe store that we saw, which is about every third shop, and then most of the clothing stores on Yonge Street from Charles to the Eaton Center. Our purchases were minimal, but we enjoyed the walk. Pretty much the same walk as we did yesterday.
Around 9:30pm we stopped for a late supper at the Pickel Barrel. Walking in we were expecting a bar & grill setting, but continuing down their stairs, we soon did not know if we were indeed in a restaurant or in a small delicastisserie. The menu was absoltely HUGE, gigantic, monsterous. But we eventually enjoyed some Spanish Paella and some Kung Pao Stir Fry. 
Walking back we finally stopped in at the ice creame place we had seen yesterday. This place was similar to Jerry's, only they didn't have any "food" on their menu, just desserts involving ice cream and the like. I hadn't had a "smash in" in my icecream or a waffle cone in I don't know how long. I think this place may have topped Jerry's, although the fact that they did not have any gelato kind of makes them incomparable.
Its getting late, and that is all.

" You just wasted three minutes of my life!!!!" - Scalper.

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  1. Sounds like a great day. I could have helped out a bit in those shoe stores! Enjoy the food. You know it's an adventure waiting to happen. MJD