Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today was a fairly simple day, yet it is getting long. Main reason being; the travel home.
But before I get into that, I will quickly recount the remaining hours spent in Toronto;
Not much happenned. Dad and I divided to each finish our own shopping trips. I completed the Eaton Center in the hour and a half I had until we regrouped and headed to the airport.
Fairly uneventful, we subwayed and bussed to the airport, where we did the usual until our plane departed. On the plane, instead of sleeping the whole 4 or so hours to Edmonton, I watched 2 movies; Paper Boy (starring Emma Stone, pretty good flick, I'd reccommend it) and American Beauty (fairly dark drama, kept me watching until the end, regardless of the flight attendant telling me to turn it off >:] )
The most exciting part of Edmonton, was us spotting some fellow Saskatonians, who were catching the same homeward flight as us.
The 40 minutes between Edmonton and Saskatoon were filled by a chess game between Dad and I on my laptop. Neither of us are overly skilled players, the game really wasn't much and was never finished. We'll say that I was winning hahah
Going from a high of 26 in the T to 5C here, Saskatoon is a lvoely place to come home to.

Short n a lil sweet for once,

"the beauty of soup." - Paper Boy movie.

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  1. Hi Dawsome,
    You need to update your blog. How's it going? Enquiring minds want to know...and nosey Moms, too! You were supposed to connect before you left the country, or I will worry. Did you lose your stuff? Are you lost in Pearson Int'l Airport? You adventure has begun; don't leave us hanging....