Thursday, May 19, 2011

numero UNO.

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Ok, so I am not exactly up to par on keeping this blog interesting now am I?
Pronounced : Kassi
8 may
Oh well, here it goes; the last two weeks, to the day:
one cake coming right up!!
18 may
One beautiful Friday evening, the family and I packed up and went to Cassis for an evening on the beach. Naturally, the football came out and I  think everyone played. Iness might not have, but that was because she was busy doing cartwheels, flips, round offs, you name it. When Imed brought out the drum (really random but also awesome for creating am ambiance of sorts), she started to do her gymnastics to the beat of the drum. A very spectacular spectacle that even received the applause of some people who were hanging out on the rocks. As the sunset we had a delicious picnic and walked around the town.

Cassis is kind of like St. Tropez, or at least that is what people say. If St. Tropez is too pricey or star ridden for you, go to Cassis, it’s just as classy, still très chère, and absolutely gorgeous. Although I would not recommend going to the beach there during the summer. The beach was not large at all, not that that was a problem, but in high season you have to go early in the morning otherwise you will not get a spot, and even then you will be head to toe with your neighbours.

the mixing never stopped. ever.
18 may
I have discovered some awesome running trails near around here. The only problem is that I can not find a flat place to run for the life of me, or for the sake of my aching shins. Just a side note for those of you who have been wondering if I have been getting any running in.
Oh the food here is so good!! Imed makes the best couscous ever! I can’t remember if I already said that in the last entry, but it really is. I am dead set on learning some Tunisian recipes. Particularly how to cook some chicken. I missed chicken so much!

Happy Birthday Sophie!!
18 may
Speaking of chicken, I had some French KFC here. Unlike in Canada, KFC does not translate into PFK, it stays as KFC. First of all, there was no gravy. That was honestly the first thing I noticed, which I think may be very Canadian of me? (There is some kind of connection between Canadians and gravy out there…) Second, these were little mini KFC chickens that we were eating!! It was like we ordered deep fried chicken wings, which of course exist, but I felt like a KFC GIANT sitting there with my lil’ drumettes and wings. Never the less, they were delicious and a lot less greasy.

Blowing out the candles
18 may
While still on the topic of food, and I swear I am not hungry, I’ve gone to Aix a couple times to meet up with friends and grab a bite to eat, etc.
One of these times was this past Saturday for… EUROVISION!!! Evelin and I went over to Jara’s for the three hour annual special of… EUROVISION!!!
Now you may be asking yourself: “What is Eurovision!?!”. Well. Eurovision is a huge song contest in all of Europe. There are 25 countries that get to/can (not sure on that one) participate. In each country it starts off as country wide competition for who gets to represent their country at Eurovision. At Eurovision they then get to perform their musical number in with all the love, passion and eccentricities that they have of their country. Some numbers are spectacular, some are horrid. I am certain that Eurovision brings out the cheesiest of Europe. Popular topics of the evening were: “Let’s all work together to save the planet” and “Someone broke my heart, blah, blah, blah”. Also to be mentioned was the comeback of the heavily eye make-upped bands, as well as the boy bands. It felt like a blast from the past.

the looks are msot definitely deceiving
The winning country was Azerbaijan with a song titled “Running Scared”, which was completely different from all of the other songs, and had a very passionate performance. Not to mention this was their first Eurovision win. Way to go Azerbaijan! (I had no idea this country existed) WINNING PERFORMANCE
Back to life around the house.

Sunglasses over camera lens
19 may
Can I say one more time that I am without a doubt in the right family? I knew it was great here, but when someone asked if I wanted to play Uno all I could say was “You had me at ‘Uno’.”. Not really because well, things like that just don’t tend to translate well, but Uno!! I LOVE UNO! And so do them! Perfect match! Haha

19 may
Not to mention the healthy dose of football, biking, volleyball, badminton, trampoline and what ever else there is to do outside for me, I am quite content with the amount I get to ‘play’.

not actually where i live,
just an example of the street signs here
The other day was Sophie’s birthday, so I decided to make her a cake (seeing as the muffins and pancakes I made before were absolute hits, why not?!). Chocolate banana cake, easy right? Things got four hands more complicated when Marwann, Iness and I got down to it. By the end of the baking session, this cake became a double layer cake of chocolate yogurt cake on chocolate banana cake, with banana layer in between and iced with chocolate icing. It was scrumptious! Everyone loved it. I thought it was a little sweet, but apparently that did not seem to be a problem. Neither did the fact that in a rush I iced a cake that was still partially warm, plus ridiculous temperatures outside resulted in bananas and icing melting off of the cake.
The cake is now devoured.

I liked this one
Again, this was not the best entry. Not at all, but I figured I better get one done tonight because then I will be gone all weekend hanging out with some Hollywood stars (haha I wish) while in Cannes and Nice (Pronounced: Knee-ss) with my usual counterparts.
Happy weekend to all o’ yall!

quite literally down then up the road


  1. Deffinitely sounds like you have conneted with this family. Great to read another blog post. Good pictures. You are always entertaining. It is the May long weekend here. Have a good weekend in Nice and Cannes.

  2. "I will be gone all weekend hanging out with some Hollywood stars (haha I wish) while in Cannes and Nice"

    Have fun but..........stay away from Charlie Sheen.

    Nice to hear from you.

  3. its parker and im just letting you know Grandpa Rebans ancestors are from a village that now a days would be located in Azerbaijan!!! interesting i thought